During the upcoming Interzum Cologne Fair (21-24 May), Maxpell will launch its new flagship product: Elisir. You are invited to view this new leather at our stand (Hall 10.1, stand B001).

Elisir is the most beautiful leather and, at the same time, the simplest. Beautiful because it is natural, soft, full, not artificial. Simple because it is simply real, genuine leather: treated with very few substances, all natural, ecological and of the highest quality.

The result is a product which is a pleasure to touch, the sensation is soft and smooth,  a pleasure to see, the natural wrinkles and the typical features of the real natural leather are intriguing. Its ethics are also pleasing as it is an eco-sustainable hide that meets all the requirements of the circular economy and the efficient use of resources.

The hide is acquired from bulls but the choice is the best and finest.

What we wanted to emphasize with this leather is its naturalness: the marks on the hide are not covered or camouflaged, but made evident.

The current trend of elegance is heading towards products that are as far away as possible from fakes and imitations.

Elisir is a leather that not everyone will comprehend and appreciate, probably only those who have that feeling of a luxurious life that demands culture and style. Like the best anilines, the more it is used, it becomes seasoned hence it acquires value and becomes captivating and fascinating.

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