Maxpell – FAQ


In this section there is a series of questions asked by our clients about some themes and activities concerning our services. Click on the question of your interest and read the answer.


Do you produce real or fake leathers?

We produce REAL LEATHER. We do not produce plastic.

What kind of animals do you use to create your leathers?

We use only European bulls carefully bred according to the European Regulations concerning food purposes.

Does the production take place in Italy?

Yes, the production takes place exclusively in Italy.

Is the leather sustainable?

The animals are bred for the meat production, and if the leather were not used, it would be disposed. Using the leathers of animals bred for food purposes, is highly sustainable.

What kind of size do your leathers have?

The average size of our leathers is 6 square meters. This involves a lower scrap than the smaller leathers and it allows to draw wider cushions and panels.

Is there a colour change among the leather batches?

Usually there are no colour changes, but in case of aniline drum dyed, there can be little colour variations among the different batches.

Do you provide with consultation during the design?

Of course. We develop customised products for our clients, and we offer a consultation for their use.


What is the minimum purchase I can do?

Half leather, about 3 square meters.

Is the leather sold per linear or square meters?

The leather is sold per square meters.

Is it possible to print on your leathers?

Yes. We invite you to contact our offices for the technical details.

Which are the delivery times?

24/48 hours unless further manufacturing is required. In this case, the production times are about 7/10 working days. In case the ordered item is on production, we will communicate the delivery times within the day after the order.

Which are the production times for customised items?

Maximum 4 weeks.

Do you deliver all over around the world?

Yes. We have a great experience in the orders management coming from all over the world. We arrange the documents, specific for every country.

How many languages do you speak in your offices?

Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch.


How are kept the leathers in your warehouse?

They lie on iron trestle.

Is your warehouse digitalised?

Yes. In 2019 we have digitalised our production by including mobile racks integrated with the management software. Every leather has a QR code through which all the tracking information can be shown.


How can the leather be cleaned?

The leather can be cleaned through products designed in specialised laboratories. We invite you to watch the video in the section COLLECTIONS - LEATHER CLEANING.