The sample catalogue becomes wider with our braided and threaded Upcycling’s products, which enhance the ancient art of braiding to create unique pieces with unpredictable combinations and features.


The art of braiding is still in vogue. The handmade has returned to be unique and it is what the fashion brands search for.

The braided products are supplied per linear meter with a 140cm height.

The leather combinations are selected by the client and, thanks to a warehouse full of items and colours, there are endless choices.


They are very similar to the braided products, but based on a different production process, always handmade.

In this case, it is possible to buy half leathers by exploiting the area suitable for manufacturing.

The colours have an even base, but there is the possibility to insert stripes of assorted colours.


The leather jewels are the result of recycled leather scraps, which become real works of art thanks to the craftsmen’s ability.

Endless opportunities, combinations, and styles. The Upcycling concept has its greatest expression in the jewel’s creation.