The goal of providing high quality leather is achieved in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. Each hide comes from animals raised for human consumption: farmers take care of the animals to ensure they have good farming conditions and their skin is protected. Our suppliers are carefully selected from the best farms in Northern Europe. To have a good product you must have a great supplier: this is Maxpell’s philosophy.


The processing is then performed according to the highest European standards.

Tanning, choice, re-tanning, dyeing, drying, sanding, spray finishing, emery and hand staining are just some of the processes the rawhide undergoes.

Each item has different characteristics, based on the process used for its manufacturing.
The common denominator of all of our products is labour.
Skilled workers follow the creation of each hide step by step from the initial phase. Their experience and dedication to this line of work is the secret behind the success of Maxpell collections.
Due to the fact that skin is an animal’s means of “protection”, leather is a product that may have marks, scratches and particular characteristics on its surface; they testify the vitality of the animal and prove the authenticity of the product.
Thanks to our workmanship, the natural charm of leather is methodically combined with extensive technical expertise.