The Laminates and Laminates stampati (embossed) collection is made by combining high quality leather with foils that give shine. This glossy leather has the ability to brighten up any environment in which it is used.

Origine pelle:
Bull leather
Place of Origin: Europe
Thickness: mm 1,1*
Average Size: Half leather – 2.5*sq. m
Dermis Appearance: Fine grain
Tannage: By minerals
Re-tannage: Chrome salts and synthetic tannins
Dyeing: Acid and pre-metallised dyes
Leather Treatment: Synthetic and vegetable oils
Drying: On frame
Finish: fire resistant
Colours: 8

BS 5852 schedule 4 part I source 0 /
BS 5852 schedule 5 part I source 1 / TB 117-2013
Cleaning product: Leather protection and cleaner kit
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