Mare leather has a finish that makes it suitable for all uses. A small grain makes this leather very interesting. The best value for money.

Origine pelle:
Bull leather
Place of Origin: Europe
Thickness: mm 1,1*
Average Size: mq 4,70 – 6,20*
Dermis Appearance: Natural grain
Tannage: By minerals
Re-tannage: Chrome salts and synthetic tannins
Dyeing: Through Aniline dyed
Leather Treatment: Synthetic and vegetable oils
Drying: On frame
Finish: Semi-bright effect with water-based paint
Colours: 27

BS 5852 schedule 4 part I source 0 /
BS 5852 schedule 5 part I source 1 / TB 117-2013 / IMO FTPC part 8
Maintenance To remove potential residual grime, it is enough using a damp cloth. For a perfect and long-lasting leather, above all in case of deeper stains, Maxpell offers a range of specific products for every kind of leather
Leather protection and cleaner kit
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