• PERFOR-MAX 205
  • Beige

Performax natural leather combines the extreme durability required for outdoor use with the softness and elegance required for indoor use. It is oil resistant, making it ideal for hotels, cars and yachts.

Origine pelle:
Bull leather
Place of Origin: Europe
Thickness: 1,3* mm
Average Size: mq 6,00*
Dermis Appearance: Grain-printed
Tannage: By minerals
Re-tannage: Mineral salts and synthetic tannins
Dyeing: Acid and pre-metallised dyes
Leather Treatment: Vegetable and synthetic oils
Drying: On frame in a heated cabin
Finish: Pigments and water-based aniline
Colours: 21

BS 5852 schedule 4 part I source 0 /
BS 5852 schedule 5 part I source 1 / TB 117-2013 / IMO FTPC part 8
Maintenance To remove potential residual grime, it is enough using a damp cloth. For a perfect and long-lasting leather, above all in case of deeper stains, Maxpell offers a range of specific products for every kind of leather
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