Siviglia è uno di quei pellami che non passa inosservato. La grana importante dona profondità ed eleganza. I suoi colori a contrasto tono su tono fanno sì che Siviglia si adatti perfettamente a qualsiasi ambiente: da un comodo divano contemporaneo a una versione rivisitata del capitonné.

Origine pelle:
Bull leather
Place of Origin: Europe
Thickness: 1,3* mm
Average Size: mq 5,80*
Dermis Appearance: Boucle embossing, two tone, suede
Tannage: By minerals
Re-tannage: Mineral salts and synthetic tannins
Dyeing: Aniline
Leather Treatment: Synthetic and vegetable oils
Drying: On frame in a heated cabin
Finish: Hand stained, matte, water resistant
Colours: 23

BS 5852 schedule 4 part I source 0 /
BS 5852 schedule 5 part I source 1 
To remove potential residual grime, it is enough using a damp cloth. For a perfect and long-lasting leather, above all in case of deeper stains, Maxpell offers a range of specific products for every kind of leather
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